Hi there! We are a Hong Kong-based data scientist and a software engineer driven by building quality websites and data solutions for small businesses. Check Our Work


Below are the things we can do for you. In our work we strive for efficiency and precision without sacrificing a personal feel.

Web development

Web development service icon We develop websites that can be as simple as a landing page, or something more involved, such as CMS-based (e.g. WordPress) sites. We don't shy away from custom backends either.

Web maintenance

Web maintenance service icon Do you have an annoying issue with your site that you have meant to get fixed for a while or you'd just like to add some new features? We can make that happen.

Web design

Web design service icon You provide the media and your requirements, we take care of the rest. Our designs are user-friendly and responsive (they scale to different device screens).

Data collection

Data collection service icon We can collect data from APIs, websites, etc., using a variety of tools.

Data analysis

Data analysis service icon An initial analysis will be provided to gain an overview of the data. The more information is provided, the more accurate the analysis will be.

Data cleaning

Data cleaning service icon Unstructured data will be transformed into structured data and stored in your preferred format.

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Who we are

Miya Zheng

I am a data scientist working in Hong Kong. I studied in Edinburgh before I got my data science master's degree in Hong Kong. Since then, I have been working in a big American company. Both at university and work I have been exposed to technologies that opened my eyes to how much can be achieved given the right tools and mindset. I cannot wait for applying this knowledge for helping your business.

Zsolt Csondor

Since I graduated from the University of Edinburgh, I have worked as a software engineer in both small and large companies in the UK, Germany and now in Hong Kong. I enjoy working with web technologies because I am fascinated by their potential - you can create impact almost overnight with just a text editor and a stable internet connection. Outside work I enjoy writing, learning languages and thai boxing.


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